Do you need a Car Repair, or just someone in High Wycombe to tell you what is wrong with your car?

Our Car Repairs usually start in the following way – We encourage you to telephone us first and discuss with Paul, our Service Manager, who will advise which route will be the best for you to take:

1. We offer a Drop In Service (with appointment only) to take an initial look at your car – for around 25% of these appointments we can solve the issue roadside for you – if not we move to a Booked Appointment with one of our Techs.

2. 30 Minute Investigation service with our tech – we shoot a video, price up the work and advise on repairs that need to be completed. We will also advise on the general situation with your car, which is often incredibly valuable if your car has developed a problem and perhaps is nearing the end of its useful life with you. In these instances it is important to take into consideration the general overall condition of your car when considering your repairs.

3. For complex problems we will lay out a step-by-step plan which includes ‘We will begin with this fix, as it will likely work, however, if it doesn’t then it will require further work that will likely cost x’. We take this approach so that you are kept fully informed before we commence work. To a new customer, this may sound like we are hedging our bets and may even be laying the foundations to charge for the more expensive repair. To and existing customer that has been through this process before, they will understand that transparency is absolutely what we are achieving. Cars are unpredictable on occasions and with our wealth of experience we know what the impact can be. Wherever possible we will minimise your bill and often shave £ off quotes when work has been carried out more quickly than expected. We go on the principle that there is plenty of work available for a well respected and trusted garage and so far we are not wrong.

What we can diagnose and fix for you:

Diagnose my car? Leave it to us – we will advise which of the above 3 services best fit your needs.

Once we have taken a look at your car, we will send you a video showing you exactly what we have found and suggesting a way forwards. Now you can decide how you wish to proceed. We also do a full Health Check of your car, particularly if the car is perhaps possibly towards the later years of its life. This puts you fully in the picture when considering how to approach your repair.

We can often complete the repair on the same day, but often we have to run it into the next day – often due to the availability of parts or the workshop schedule. At this stage we can consider a Courtesy Vehicle to give everyone the time that they need to get the job done to standard.

At no point are you obliged to continue having any repair done – we are here to help you make the right decision for your car and for you.

If you are ready to Book Now, you can reserve a ‘Help Me WIth My Car’ service. No payment is needed now and you can describe the issues as part of your booking, or we will call you and take all of the relevant details before you arrive.

We look forward to being of assistance.

Hillclimb Garage