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Specialist Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Car Servicing and Repair in High Wycombe will save on main dealer prices at an Independent Award Winning Garage
Servicing and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle) is not quite the same as servicing any other vehicle.

There are a number of elements within the PHEV car that are different to regular cars and require specialist knowledge and training to maintain and work on.

Our mechanics are trained and certified to work with high voltage systems, hybrid engines, electrical motors, power inverter systems, energy/hardware systems, electric control propulsion sensing systems, battery regeneration braking systems and other specific elements. These require specialist knowledge and equipment that require investment. At Hillclimb Garage we recognise that these cars are already in the High Wycombe area and yet the choice around servicing and repairs are fairly limited. Up until now, a main dealer was the safest and most reliable destination but now you can save money by choosing an Independent Garage with specialist investment and capabilities.

Our Master Tech Ryan is qualified to IMI Level 4 (at time of writing, there were only 10 others in the UK trained to this recognised level)

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Specialist Servicing and Maintenance

We intend to not only provide this specialist care, but to do it in our own Hillclimb Garage way. Our multi-award winning service brings a level of transparency and trust that our customers enjoy greatly. We are dedicated to begin to bridge the gap between the confusing world of hybrids and electric ownership and how that actually would look in your own life.

On our website and through newsletters and blogs, we are going to be asking questions like ‘What do you need to know once you have brought your hybrid/electric car home?’ and ‘What are the vital safety issues that you should be aware of when you own a hybrid or electric vehicle?’ ‘How do I jump start my car?’ ‘Can I get my car towed away safely?’ These are the daunting subjects that can be off putting when you are choosing to jump into a hybrid/electric car, so this knowledge is designed to give you confidence to step into the future with confidence.

Why Hillclimb Garage?

For those of you who may be considering using Hillclimb Garage for the first time, here are 10 of the top things that our customers really appreciate about our service:

1. We offer a collection and delivery service

2. We use video in everything we do – no more wondering if a repair is necessary – we SHOW you and explain what is needed. We also show you small problems that will need attention in the future. We also show you all the general condition of many aspects of your car so that you know exactly what you are driving about in. It’s great to know what works as well as what may need attention in the future. This commitment to transparency is really helpful.

3. We are about half the price of a main dealer, yet we have one of only 11 level 4 IMI trained technicians (Hybrid and Electric Specialist) in the whole country. That’s impressive for a small Independent Garage.

4. We use OEM quality (original) parts.  This ensures any warranties you have on your vehicles remain fully valid. Click here to find out more. If your vehicle is out of manufacturer’s warranty, we can sometimes offer you a choice of better priced parts too (but only if they are of excellent quality)

5. We offer a 12 month warranty as a minimum on all parts supplied

6. We have a small fleet of courtesy cars available at no charge. These are by appointment and subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply.

7. We keep you informed every step of the way and only ever work with your full authorisation – no unexpected bills.

8. We happily explain the most complex of ideas in a sensible and relevant way to you – you need not have any previous knowledge of your car.. we will explain what you need to know to make a decision that suits you.

9. For those moments where things get complicated – we offer 0% Interest Free Credit for Repairs (over £500)

10. We keep you informed throughout the year on important dates for your vehicle to ensure your pride and joy stays in tip-top shape, these include: MOT, service, seasonal checks and special offers.

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