Wow, as with all of these major changes, it looks to us that this move could have a massive impact on cars. The most important change we can see is the new categories of pass/fail (see right). Most importantly you can see there is a brand new category of DANGEROUS, and significantly there is a rule that the car cannot be driven until repaired. Of course our first concern is for those customers who might like to get a cheap MOT done somewhere (as an MOT is an MOT right?) and then find that they are suddenly not able to take their car away until it is repaired. It has happened more than once at HIllclimb, that our customers have brought us their car with a MOT failure sheet from a ‘well known high street brand’ and in each case we have shaved £100’s off the bill by doing the repairs that were needed, rather than the wish list that had been produced. Be careful guys – you may not get the choice in future!!

There is a change in the Diesel Emissions Standards, which will require us to physically look for a DPF – along with new parameters on diesel emissions. Any smoke coming from the back of the car would in future be a failure and may be classed in the Major category.