Within a week of hearing that we are finalists, we are still all smiles at Hillclimb. Genuinely we are so pleased to have achieved so much, so soon. I have heard so many customers being told about what’s going on – no one has escaped! And we are in the Bucks Free Press this week too. Making it this far, as a garage, is such a big deal – as we well know, garages are at best a neutral experience.

When we first opened the garage, we conducted lots of customer research – asking people what it is that they really like about going to a garage. We were really shocked that most of the feedback was overwhelmingly around what people would NOT like – they don’t want to feel pushed into having work done that’s not necessary, they don’t want to get landed with a big bill if its possible to avoid it. They want people to treat them fairly! We couldn’t believe how low the bar was set so we set aside the research and just started from where we, as consumers in an every day setting, would consider a good customer service experience.

As we developed new ideas, I have to say that the team just came up with more and more ideas – more checks we could put in place, more ways of being transparent and visible with our customers, more ways to help customers look after their own cars. This has been such a creative endeavor and my greatest respect goes to everyone in the team for their dedication to making some amazing contributions and then making it happen day after day.

We look forward to the awards ceremony on May 22nd – we are all going to be there (not Tilly the dog, she’s not allowed out late) in our finery. No doubt a photo will be taken…… or two!

Nicola Wakeling