One of our lovely customers was sent a discounted MOT offer through his insurance company….. we all love a bargain!

With a well-known national repair chain. However, when he went for the MOT, he came out with an estimate of £900. He was devastated and gave us a call. As we will always look at your car to give you some (free…… bargain!) advice, we were happy to oblige and work through the list of items that apparently desperately needed doing. We took his car in and shot a video reporting on exactly what needed doing and what really didn’t. It was true that there were a couple of things that needed to be done…. to the tune of just over £200. One happy customer and for all of the running around he had to do…. he told us he would come straight to us next year. We are STILL the cheapest in the immediate location, we run a full Health Check on your car in addition to the MOT and send you a brilliant video so that you can see exactly whats going on. And we do this for £10 the RRP. Ooops nearly forgot we wash your car too.