We have stepped up our provision for COLLECTION and DELIVERY services from Tuesday to Friday – we will collect your car from home. Please provide your keys in a plastic bag and our collection staff will run through the procedure of cleansing your keys before use.

When your car arrives, we already use these protective items for your car to protect from oil and muck – who would have through that we would be using these items to maintain a virus-free environment for you!

When we deliver your car back we will remove the covers, re-cleanse your key and return to you.

All payments can be made remotely

As you know we already communicate via video, and we have the good old telephone to rely on too

For Drop off into our Service Reception

We will ask you to place your keys into your own box on arrival and we will perform a quick key cleanse before your car is passed to the Service Tech – when you return, the key will be sanitised and ready for you.

This way we can help to minimise any risk involved to you – keeping you on the road when you need to be.

Any concerns – please talk to us directly.

For MOT’s in High Wycombe – Do Not be tempted to let your MOT run out

This causes all sorts of problems down the line – your car’s insurance is rendered invalid and it’s problematic to move the car about (technically it should be moved with all 4 wheels off the ground) although we can advise you how to move the car legally.

As a vital safety service we should not be closed down in the event of a lockdown – keeping cars moving is consdiered essential, but we really need your help and felxibility to keep up with demand. Please use the 28 day rule to get your car MOT’d early – it costs you no more, you aren’t penalised and we can manage our resources much better with a little time.