1. DVSA are stopping the MOT extensions from 1st August. You can check your MOT due date HERE If you have delayed your MOT we would strongly recommend getting it done before 1st August as we have already calculated that the level of demand in October will outstrip the MOT capacity of the town (yes, really) and this is going to mean delays getting your car repaired, should that need doing.

2. MOT exemption means you’re responsible for you car’s safety – and should tell your insurer if a test has been delayed by 6 months. If your car hasn’t had an MOT because of the six month test exemption you must notify your insurance company – it could affect your premium. And you may find your policy voided.

3. Remember you must still TAX your car

4. However, just because the government has given motorists a six month sabbatical on their MOT, a driver is still liable if they have an accident caused by the defective state of their car. The MOT sabbatical isn’t a get-out clause for tyres with no tread, defective brakes or faulty suspension etc. It is the responsibility of the motorist to ensure their vehicle roadworthy. Otherwise you could face anything from penalty points and a fine to prison depending on the allegation.

5. As of today’s date there are over 1,000,000 cars on the road that would not pass this very basic safety test – BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!